Five Principles of REIKI

The principles work like water, they flow and fill and form the heart and mind and a harmony between both with an openness to spirit. If you contemplate them daily, they will absorb into your world like water on a sugar cube. It’s that simple.

These principles are yours to use as you see best. I suggest to all my students that they bring them to mind every morning on awakening and at night before they sleep. I share them with all my clients and most of my friends. It is wonderfully effective to have them on hand if you are prone to anger or depression or chronic pain, or simply stress. Just for today be gentle and loving and count the blessing that there are those that have travelled these roads and met these demons before us and they offer us these words of wisdom. Roadmaps. As you use them and your practice grows strong they will meld with your spirit and become your own.

Thank you Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki, and all the wonderful teachers before and since.

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