Private In Person Session

  • $125 (3 sessions, $100 each)
  • 45 minutes of Reiki
  • 15 minutes of Deep Listening

Distance Reiki

  • $80 (3 sessions, $65 each)
  • phone or Skype session of Deep Listening, upto 15 minutes
  • 45 minutes of Reiki

Animal Reiki

  • In person 30 minute session $75 (3 session $60 each)
  • Distance Reiki with phone or Skype session $50 (3 sessions $45 each)

Clearing houses, offices, work places energetic on a case to case basis.

Reiki circles forming to allow participation at $20 for half hour sessions. To be announced.

Classes forming for Level 1, 2, ART and Masters. To be announced.

Location in Newark, close to New Jersey Transit.

Location in Chelsea, NYC, close to Penn Station.

All Animal Reiki delivered at your home.

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