Dear you,
If you have been my student or client your comment is welcome here.
poonam srivastava

8 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from Poonam’s reiki. I am trying to use the reiki principles in my daily life, especially, J4T–I will not anger.

  2. I have worked with Poonam using Reiki person and by distance. And, it does feel like working together. Both sessions left me feeling taken care of and enhanced, made stronger. I felt better able to be connected to myself and protected from outside pain. I felt healed in a non-specific way, yet better able to handle the outside world.

  3. i am very grateful for meeting poonam. i am enjoying the detox , healing and process. i look forward to seeing poonam more often. her energy is very strong and specific. i could tell a difference right away and each time so far. thank you !

  4. Poonam brings the heat. You can feel her working. I have had a good meditative experiences, visions of mountains growing from my back, and after, a sense of calm and being unwound. If you are stressed or anxious, or dealing with physical discomfort, I would highly recommend her.

  5. Poonam turns up the heat. I’ve had several sessions with her. I can actually feel my body becoming warmer. One time I felt and envisioned a mountain growing out of my spine. I would highly recommend her for a session, especially if you are feeling stressed..

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